03-April-2020 by Timothy Wanjohi

The wisest man in the world, King Solomon, said, there is nothing new under the sun. In previous times, the saints have been faced with periods of hardship during pandemics like the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing in the world. In the 16th Century, the ‘Black Death’ caused 75 million deaths in a world of 500 million people. It must have looked like the end of the world. In the 17th Century, Cholera devastated the world severely. In the 20th Century, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people, and 75% of those who died were killed within the first 15 weeks only. In the first and second world wars, 50 million lives were lost.


The words of the faithful men of God who have gone there before us should serve to encourage us in wisdom and hope. Re . . .
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01-April-2020 by Timothy Wanjohi

Most people in Kenya believe in hell. However, almost no one thinks that they are headed there. We have done such a terrible job at telling them that hell exists for people who lead the kind of lives that they do. As a TYPE of hell, God has sent an artist to paint a picture of the consequences of sin, of defiance in sin despite torment, and of God’s election.



Covid-19 is a talented painter of hell. He portrays consequence of sin on earth to show that similarly, there are consequences of sin deferred to the future in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8). If he can touch us because of sin, hell too can touch us because of sin. The major d . . .
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25-March-2020 by Timothy Wanjohi

During an epidemic, the Church and the Government have a role to play and nature is giving a message. By understanding these, we will adopt the right practice and possess the proper attitude towards the epidemic. Ultimately, we will deliver the world through the Christian perspective.


The Church and the Government are two arms the Government of God. They were conflated under one arm until 1 Samuel 8, when God separated the roles of the Prophet (Church) and the roles of the King (Government). At no point however was God surrendering any of these two offices over to another power other than Himself.


The Church and the Governmen . . .
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28-February-2020 by Timothy Wanjohi

‘For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast’ (Ephesians 2:8-9).


The first covenant, which was the Covenant of Works (Read Parts 9 and 10), given to Adam as our federal head, man was unable to keep. The consequences of not keeping the covenant were death. The Godhead decided to institute a second covenant with man, in which the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost were in participation to save man from the eternal consequences of breaking the Covenant of Works. Man was required to believe on God the Son, our Mediator, through faith. This is called the Covenant of Grace and it possesses its own nature.

. . .
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22-February-2020 by Timothy Wanjohi

‘And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked…’ – Genesis 3:7.


This post is a discourse about how man fell and the consequences of the fall. It will give us an understanding of the state of the world we see around us and help us understand our position before God. As a result, we should be able to form a basis for how man could deal with God in latter posts. We will be able to explain it to the those who have not yet heard of it, and the doubting or the rebelling world, for it applies to all of mankind in the same degree. The significance of this information cannot be over-emphasized, reason being that Satan, our adversary, . . .
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